Sunday, November 29, 2009


o Scrape, cut & store drumsticks in clean ziplock or freezer bags, make a few small holes, & they'll stay fresh for 8-10 days in the fridge.
o Refrigerate rolled puris for 5-10 mins before frying- they'll soak less oil & be crispy.
o Curds stored in ceramic, glass or earthen pots won't sour fast.
o Freeze excess tomato puree in an ice cube tray, & use when needed.
o Use water drained from tied curds (whey) to knead chapati dough for softer chapatis.
o Wrap coriander, parsley, etc. in plastic after wrapping in paper. They won't turn soggy or dry.
o Add a pinch of salt to hot water, to retain its heat longer.
o Chop apples, pears, etc. into a bowl of chilled salted water, They won't get discoloured.
o Dry boiled unskinned peanuts in sunlight, they'll last for over a week.
o Avoid over absorption of oil in fried foods, add a spoonful of rice flour to the batter.
o Warm extra-tight jar lids under running hot water, to open easily.
o Place a bowlful of white vinegar near your stovetop to absorb strong cooking odours.
o Milling wheat flour and soyabeans together will ensure that the chapatis do not smell of the soya. The rotis will turn out softer too.
o Add 1 kg soya beans to 10 kg wheat, before milling wheat flour. This will take care of protein required by our body.
o When gramflour is combined with a bit of other flour like wheat, rice, etc. it makes the pakodas crisper, & also soaks less oil.
o If ghee feels a little off taste, add a few curry leaf stalks or betel leaves & bring to boil. Cool & strain, it will taste fresh & aromatic again.
o Place soda bicarb in a small open dish in the refrigerator. This absorbs strong food smells, keeping them from permeating into other foods around it.
o Baking powder is soda bicarb with the additional ingredient called tartaric acid.
o Don't dispose the water drained from washing rice, dals, etc. It's a rich food for plants.
o Add a pinch of soda bicarb to peas while boiling to retain colour & cook faster.
o Soak fruit like lychees, mangoes, which have inherent heat, in water for 2-3 hrs. They taste better too.
o The more chilli u use in a recipe, more salt is required. It's reverse with herbs.
o To cut down salt intake, use more herbs like mint, sage, rosemary, etc., which enhance the flavour of veggies.
o Keep garlic flakes peeled & bottled in the freezer to make them handy. Will keep for over a month.
o Keep rice from getting worms- rub it with 1/2 cup Castor oil to 5kg rice.
o To absorb salt from an over salty gravy, add a lump of unsalted wheat flour dough, & simmer.
o Add a little wheat flour to boiled spinach before grinding, it won't become runny after cooking.
o Boil a bay leaf with steamed rice, to give a rich flavour to it.
o Use whey from curds & buttermilk to knead chappati dough. They'll be softer.
o Make rice grains whole & non-sticky: Wash drain & air out on a cloth before adding to boiling water. Add salt & a few drops of lemon to the water.
o Save rava from worms- roast lightly, cool, & store in airtight tin.
o Place unripe tomatoes in brown paper bags, to ripen faster.
o Place a garlic flake on a flat surface, give a sharp, hard tap with the flat part of a knife or other flat surface, the skin will come out easily.

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